Aquasource is biodegradable absorbent 1gr. of which absorbed up to 350 gr of water and released to plant whenever it needs.

Aquasource is a new generation of materials possessing unique ability of absorbing and retaining moisture. Its basis is a polymer molecule, the characteristics of which is absorbing a great amount of water and retaining it. Aquasource is able to take up and bind in its molecules moisture from watering, precipitation, dew and fog. 1 gr. of substance is able to absorb and keep water with mass of 300-350 times exceeding its own weight. In other words 10 gr absorbs 3,5-4 litres of moisture.

The substance not only softens the consequences of unfavourable climatic conditions: let it be drought or overmoistening of the soil, but also creates all necessary conditions for normal growth of the plant by absorbing and giving (up to 90%) accumulated moisture to the plant regardless of the quality and type of soil suitable for farming.    

It accumulates moisture and together with moisture the solved nutritious substances (or applied chemicals or fertilizers). It supplies the plant with water and nutritious elements for a long time according to its individual necessity. 

The advantage of the given material isn’t only limited to accumulating moisture and nutritious elements but it also 

- economizes and reduces watering by 50-60% (reduces labour wastes, time wastes, financial wastes)
- cuts down the application of fertilizers by 40% (cuts down labour wastes, time and financial wastes)
- thanks to its physical properties improves the soil structure by supplying aeration and drenage
- Improves the buffering capacity of soil even with the entrance of  acid and alkaline agents (the ability of soil to maintain natural Ph)
- is safe for men, bacteria, fish, birds, animals and microorganisms in soil
- increases the harvest up to 80% (depending on soil condition)

Economic effectiveness of using it increases traditional indices from 50-80%, that cuts down labour wastes, time wastes, financial wastes and increases the crop capacity i. e. creates conditions for decreasing the cost price of growing products, making it competitive in price in the market.


Ashot Baghdasaryan

Mushegh Jrbashyan