Wandelion is an online travel platform for wanderers and everyone enthused by travel enabling to start the journey far before the arrival to the destination.

We, at Wandelion, believe that a holiday starts long before arriving at the destination: that moments of choosing and planning are what we are here for.

Our painstaking research and our enthusiasm combine to provide you with inspiration and joyful web-surfing right from the first mouse-click, and throughout the entire planning process of your long-awaited holiday.

What we deliver

Inspiration and agility guide us in our work.

Our inspiration is located in the travel packages we offer at Wandelion: we find and suggest unique locations suited perfectly to you; places where the excitement of your discoveries dances with you throughout your experience, and helps to create vivid memories to take home.

Our agility is inherent in your web-surfing and travel-planning process through Wandelion. We provide you with all tools for planning, organising and scheduling a suitable itinerary that includes your target points, accommodation, eating, activities, and even tour guides – and the tools are flexible enough for rescheduling any of these.


Zorik Tsaturyan

CEO and Co-founder

Areg Gedeonyan


Vahe Asatryan