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Easy Sales is a sales management mobile application designed to automate sales processes for distribution companies.
CNC TECH LLC implements StanOk project to design and build multifunctional machines controlled by a unified digital program
Digital Silk Road project aims at bringing more Chinese tourists to Armenia. Team’s development strategy includes providing WeChat mini application development services to foreign businesses working in the travel...
FarmFresh is a digital management system used by both local farmers and consumers to create the perfect platform for the Farm to Table concept. By connecting the consumers directly...
F-light is a project designed to make the work of people working in the theatrical and concert fields easier. The company has done research on different platforms to find...
NS5 team is developing its idea of a smart braking system for baby strollers, which is called the STROLLKEEPER
QaylTech LLC specializes in the production of rehabilitation aids and equipment in Armenia, as well as in parallel with the large-scale production of Armenian design management systems.
The main mission of Xbionics is to research and develop rehabilitation and assistive technologies, create state-of-the-art upper limb prostheses.