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Meet the high growth companies

QaylTech LLC specializes in the production of rehabilitation aids and equipment in Armenia, as well as in parallel with the large-scale production of Armenian design management systems.
In 2016 Davit Arsenyan, as a kinesiologist, started working with military disabled people on a voluntary basis. Seeing the lack of rehabilitation equipment, he formed a team and started the production process with his own means and resources. This is how “QaylTech” was created.
The team initiated and started the work of making special rehabilitation devices and equipment with its own resources. As a result of various experiments, tests, “25 hours / 8 days” team work, Armenian-made equipment were created, such as:
• Walk Simulator Device “Qaylaber” (also for Children)
• Standing Frame (also for Children)
• Standing Frame-Wheelchair
• Wheelchair Power Add-On
• Exoskeleton
• Control Systems
• Tilt Bed
• Functional Parallel Bars
• Step Stage
• Lift
The QaylTech team does not stop with the successes achieved, as each new achievement brings us closer to the vision of having a strong and productive