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Meet the high growth companies

EasyDMARC is all-in-1 email authentication deployment solution, which combines all necessary tools to successfully monitor sent emails on behalf of clients and combat fraud. Our Software As a Service (SaaS) solution is based on DMARC. DMARC is the strongest and most powerful email authentication mechanism and industry standard. As result of our services, the overall reputation of client’s emails and domains increases which also affects on email deliverability (less spam emails from the company domain). We are targeting organizations with more than 10K sending emails per month by 3 or more email transports. In order to estimate our potential market, we have conducted DMARC analyses of Alexa’s top 1 million domains, out of which only 65K uses DMARC protocol, which means we have practically unlimited market for our service. Besides we did the same analyses for Fortune 500 companies, as of 8th September 2018 only 226 use DMARC protocol.